This Guy Just Learned That It's a Terrible Time to Be Named Casey Anthony

It shouldn't be a surprise that Casey Anthony is getting torched on Facebook. It is, however, a surprise that the Casey Anthony receiving the hate isn't the acquitted baby killer from Florida but rather an African American male from Pennsylvania.

Your name is your name...until it's not. And Casey Anthony has hijacked her name and is making life miserable for anyone who shares it. Ever since the jury ruled Casey Anthony not guilty of killing her child, the Casey Anthony from Pennsylvania has been bombarded with hundreds of Facebook messages, posts, friend requests all commenting on the case. As you can imagine, the comments weren't exactly nice and some even veered towards death threats. Casey Anthony from Pennsylvania says:

"I'm sending back [messages]. Excuse me, I'm not the Casey Anthony you think"

And because he had listed his phone number on his Facebook Profile, the phone calls started ringing in. It got so bad that he just wouldn't use his phone anymore. And to top off this whole unfortunate situation? Two of his kids are also named Casey Anthony. Watch the news report below. [MSNBC via Mediaite]


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