When Charlie bit his brother's finger in 2007, the entire Internet fell in love. It's one of the most popular YouTube videos ever at nearly 500 million views and those adorable little boys could do no wrong. Until, well now. Five years later it looks like the family has teamed up with Ragu to slang tomato sauce using the old viral video. What?

To be clear: we have no problem with selling out. Make your money. Get yours. Start a college fund or something. Exploit whomever to get whatever.


But um, is there any way this commercial even makes sense? If you can't really see how Ragu and biting fingers are connected, we don't blame you cause we don't either. It's ridiculous! There have been awkward commercials that used viral YouTube videos before but this Charlie bit my finger with Ragu sauce has to be the worst. They've grown up a little bit (but not enough where it's mind blowing) and watch the video and then want to eat Ragu sauce? Is this the worst sell out of an Internet trend ever? [YouTube via The Daily What]