This house has a freaking train you can ride all around the property

What would you like in a house? A roof. Central air is nice. Some insulation probably. Maybe a fireplace if you like that. A yard for the kids with a white picket fence for your dreams. What about a freaking rideable scale train that goes completely around the entire property? Yeah, you know you want that. You want it bad.

BoingBoing directed us to this wonderful estate on 19.67 acres for sale with a working scale railroad on Looney Listing and it's like some kid who never grew up built it. The train tracks loop around the whole spacious property, there are tunnels and trestles to make it look even more legit and a whole train station dedicated to the mini trains.


Located in Sherwood, Oregon, the house is a very pleasant Cape Cod-style home. But screw living inside the house, I would just ride the trains forever.


And here's the video tour. Make sure you watch it. Then let's pool our money to buy it. It's running for $3.5 million. Yeah, I know... WORTH IT.

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