This Hypnotic Turntable's Glowing Platter Floats on Magnets

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If you're a fan of the supposedly warmer, richer sound of vinyl, you owe it to yourself to outfit your sound system with gear that does your record collection justice. And as long as you're not scratching on the side, the turntables that McIntosh has been making for decades will do your analog music proud. Particularly the company's latest model, the MT5, that magnetically floats its glowing platter for ultra-smooth playback.

The Mt5's belt drive motor will keep it off the wishlist of DJs performing every night, but this is a turntable designed to pamper and baby your vinyl. The inch-and-a-half thick platter weighs a hefty five pounds and together with its magnetic cushioning it helps eliminate low-end rumbles from creeping into your music. And because there's less friction between bearings and other parts, there's less wear and tear on the hardware over time.

Which is important, because with a $6,500 price tag, you're going to want the MT5 to outlive not only your record collection, but possibly even you. [McIntosh via Wired]