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This Incredible Windows 7 Launch Party Video Is Either the Best or Worst Microsoft Ad This Year

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Holy Steve Ballmer. This set of Launch Party videos are incredible for its nostalgia sake. No, they're not old videos; I just thought the whole advertising industry moved past fake setups like this back in the '90s.

Give it a watch and see. My god. They're talking about having a party for Windows 7. And the cast? It looks like a guy, his mom, his sister, and his sister's rebellious college fling that turned into a long term relationship.

But seriously. You know how you're watching something that's so surprising that you can't believe what you're seeing that you literally have nothing to add to the visuals? This is it. It's like if you took a man from the 1400s and showed him a plasma TV.


If you want to kill another 3 hours at work today, there's a whole series of these videos about Windows 7. [YouTube - Thanks Adam and Kevin!]