This incredibly touching ad is better than most movies

This moving commercial about Bell's whisky does more in two minutes than most movies do in two hours. Give it a try. I went in expecting nothing—I mean, it's a commercial!—and walked away gently holding my heart. It's definitely better than any commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and probably more heartwarming than some Oscar movies.


Usually commercials that make a play for your heart (and maybe your tears and then your dollars) are so obvious in what they're doing that you get desensitized immediately. Like being repeatedly smacked with a heavy hand, you lose feeling for stuff after awhile. This spot by Bell's whiskey spotted by Digg does a great job avoiding that.

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I would have been more emotionally touched had the commercial not been about whiskey (which it really wasn't, they just conveniently placed it at the end), and if the author of the book was somebody meaningful to him rather than just an author of a book. Now if this commercial was about challenging illiteracy and bringing education to underprivileged individuals or a father going through a cultural gnosis, that would have been better.