This Ingenious Coffee Mug Grants You The Power Of The Infinity Gauntlet

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Not even the Mad Titan himself can resist the allure of a good cup of coffee in the morning, it seems. How has no one thought of this idea before? Now I want all my mugs to be Gauntlet-clad.

Alas, this neat looking bit of kit isn't actually a gauntlet you slip your hand into every time you pick up the mug - which would've been impractical but also kind of badass - but instead a sort of cover over the otherwise normal, non-infinity-gem-studded handle. It means the effect only really works picking up your cup when you use your left hand, but for righties like me that's a sacrifice worth paying to look like you've got the goddamn infinity gauntlet on.

Isn't it a little disrespectful to a relic of literal unfathomable power over the building blocks of existence itself to be using it to scoop up your warm drink, anyway? I guess Thanos would probably get a kick out of using something so powerful for something so banal. You can too when this Mug hits Entertainment Earth in May, for $16. Also: This is about a billion times cooler than that weird Mjolnir mug.


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Deja Morgana

I might just have to pick this up because HOLY CRAP, GEEK MERCH DESIGNED FOR LEFTIES?