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This is an Exercise Bike

Illustration for article titled This is an Exercise Bike

From proof of concept to the retail unit, the Ciclotte exercise bike is now on sale for $10,700. Made from carbon fiber, steel and glass, it uses a dual satellite epicycloid system for toning those glutes. [Wired via GizMag]


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That has to be among the worst designs in the history of bad designs.

$10k, and all you get is 12 resistance settings? It's a magnetic resistance unit; you should be able to adjust it continuously.

The handlebars are an ergonomic disaster - holding your hands at an outward tilt is anatomically foolhardy. And the inability to vary your grip in any way ensures hours and hours of forearm pain.

The whole thing is just over-engineered; that big opening in the middle is just silly, for starters.

The saddle - my gosh, when will Italian designers learn about the beauty of padding, for cryin' out loud?

There isn't a single note of pure functionality in this entire piece of nonsense.

I vote "no."