This Is How a 300 Million-Year-Old Spider Looks (Spoiler: Bloody Scary)

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When a headline says "Computer Technology Brings 300 Million-year-old Spider Fossils Back to Life," it's time to run to the hills, and start stockpiling canned food, gasoline cans, and weapons. Plenty of weapons.

Fortunately, we are not going to be fighting against giant zombie spiders any time soon, despite the Daily Mail. Scientists from the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London have been able to reconstruct a Cryptomartus hindi and a Eophrynus prestivicii using computer tomography. And while they look bloody scary, they are only 3D computer models made out of 3,000 X-ray photographies.


Note to scientists: Please don't revive any blood-sucking, web-weaving fossilized creatures from the Cambric period. Or any other creature, for that matter. Thanks. [Imperial College via Daily Mail]