This is how much better Batman '66 looks on Blu-Ray

The classic Batman TV show is heading to Blu-Ray and DVD for the first time next week, and to celebrate Warner Bros. have started putting out clips to show the extent of the quality coming out of the transfer process. Bat-Fans, prepare to Batusi with delight!

It's kind of amazing to see the quality of the show's re-runs from TV in recent years looking so poor, but even with that it's easy to see just how great the Blu-ray version looks. Clean footage, lovely bright colours that aren't blown out - Adam West has never looked so good:


Look all those Bat-pores on his Bat-face. Bat-Defintion quality right there (okay I'll stop with the Bat-prefix jokes now)! As someone who's always had a soft spot for the campier incarnations of the Dark Knight, it's nice to see Batman '66 finally getting some love.

Batman: The Complete TV Series is out November 11th in the US and November 10th in the UK in roughly a hojillion forms, with everything from a kitted out Collector's edition complete with a Hot Wheels Batmobile and playing cards shown above, to digital releases of each of the three seasons - Bleeding Cool's got a pretty good round up of each version available here if you're having trouble deciding which one you want.

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