This Is How Much SpaceX Will Charge To Send Your Satellite to Orbit

image: SpaceX
image: SpaceX

Last night, SpaceX released some new information on what it will cost you to send a satellite into orbit aboard their Falcon 9 or Falcon 9 Heavy rockets. The damage? Anywhere from $62 to $90 million.


SpaceX has long been touting its ability to drive down the cost of spaceflight for either commercial or governmental customers. And after the company’s recent barge landing, it looks like SpaceX has figured just how much cheaper it’ll be.

Image: SpaceX
Image: SpaceX

Also included are figures for how much can be hauled into orbit at any given time, whether Low Earth Orbit or Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit.

The company also noted that “Modest discounts are available, for contractually committed, multi-launch purchases.” Buy ten, get one free?




“Payload to Mars” is rather vague. To the surface of Mars (doubt it)? To Martian orbit? Mars flyby? There is a large difference in energy requirement for each of these.

But that number is just for funsies at this point, they’re not going to be having paying customers to Mars anytime soon.