This is how the primordial Earth looked — right after the mega-collision that formed the Moon

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This stunning, lava-saturated painting by science artist Richard Bizley is a portrait of one of the most devastating disasters ever to befall planet Earth (click to enlarge). During the early days of our solar system, astronomers speculate that a protoplanet about the size of Mars smashed into the Earth, launching so much debris into space that it formed the Moon. Nobody knows what happened to that protoplanet, but it has been named Theia.

Bizley explains via email that what you see here is the Moon in the sky "being formed from the debris of this collision." It is painted in acrylics and is 46cm x 35.5cm. Want this apocalyptic beauty for your own? The framed painting is for sale at £395. Check out more of Bizley's incredible work (and buy some!) on his website.