This Is How Yoda Would Sound if He Spoke Words In the Correct Order

Oh, clever this one is: what would Yoda sound like if properly built sentences he spoke? Boring that would be, I say. But interesting nonetheless this edited video is. Watch you must. And if the clip you don't like, TFSU* [VimeoThanks Steve!]

* TFSU definition.

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Yoda speaks in an archaic, formal mode of English, that originated in Anglo-Saxon, where the verb is placed at (or very near) the end of the clause or sentence.

The way to imagine the construction of one of these sentences is as a stage. First you set the location (around), then the actors (the survivors), then lights, camera (a perimeter), then action (create).

Use this rule and you, too, can always create an authentic Yoda sentence (and/or write Ye Olde Englisc prose (VYMM)).