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This Is Not an Alien Planet

Illustration for article titled This Is Not an Alien Planet

This might look like a satellite image of an alien planet, or the cover of a questionable sci-fi novel. But in fact it's neither: incredibly, it's a photograph of a humble soap bubble.


It was captured by photographer Jason Tozer for his project titled "Bubbles". He creates bubbles using household detergent—with a little bit of glycerine so they last longer—and used a complex lighting system to create the fascinating surface patterns. He explains:

All of these bubbles are sitting on a wet ring. This gives me time to set the focus and size of the bubble, and manipulate the colors if I choose to. I blow down a straw to excite the surface of the bubble & spin the color bands around. Occasionally a bubble will last much much longer than the others and it becomes increasingly clear as the color bands move to the base. If I blow carefully on these, I can sometimes create the almost colorless textures, the more moon like ones.


The project was born out of testing a new camera for a magazine by photographing bubbles to test its color capabilities. We're glad he continued. [Jason Tozer via Peta Pixel]

Image by Jason Tozer

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Its the Deathstar V3