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This Is One Way to Define Mobile Gaming

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When I asked if someone could ride a case mod to a LAN party, I didn't think it was actually possible. Well it is. And it even has a Mountain Dew/energy drink holder, which is both sad and awesome.


Stephen Popa, the same man responsible for the remote-controlled case mod, is also the one to credit/blame for this, which he calls, um, the Scooterputer. After taking a 24 volt electric scooter and lengthening it by 11 inches to fit the Thermaltake PC case, he went ahead and added working head and brakelights, LED groundlights, a variable speed throttle and a horn. He even stuck a seat on top of the case, for added comfort.

Oh god, I can feel my (already limited) social skills regressing by the second. Somebody help me. Please? [Gizmowatch via New Launches via Slashgear]

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He wins "Most Aggressively Anti-social Person Of The Year" award.