This Is Probably The Most Beautiful Doctor Who Artwork Ever Created

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Doctor Who has given rise to tons of incredible artwork, from Chris Achilleos' book covers to Dave Gibbons' comics to Bill Mudron's art nouveau painting. But for my money, the best Who art of all time is probably the Dalek comic strip that was published in the mid-1960s in Century 21 magazine. And it's all on Flickr.

The Dalek Chronicles comic is posted in its entirety on walt74's Flickr page, and appears to be scans from a recent magazine that collected the entire run. What's great about these comics is not just the pulpy, colorful artwork, full of flying saucers, futuristic cities, space scenes and killer robots — but also, the way they imagine a Dalek society, in which the Emperor Dalek worries endlessly about the survival of the Dalek race. We're used to thinking of the Daleks as basically devoid of personality, and incapable of carrying a story by themselves — hence the invention of Davros, and the endless gimmicks that the Daleks have been attached to in the past decade. But in the 1960s, people were swept up in Dalekmania, and that included an elaborate sense of Dalek society and culture. The Daleks not only had personality, they had charisma.

These strips are a vision of Doctor Who's killer war machines that we've rarely seen before or since. They're worth checking out on Flickr, and if you can find one of the many places these have been reprinted, it's worth buying so you can pore over them for hours. [Flickr, via SFSignal]