This Is the Battle Over Policing the Deep Web

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Welcome to this week’s Reading List, our weekly collection of great science and technology articles from around the internet. This week, we’ll do a shift at an Amazon warehouse, delve into the Deep Web, and confront online bullying.

  • The so-called Darknet is only a tiny fraction of what’s on the Deep Web, the part of the internet not accessible by search engines like Google, but it’s the part that gets the most attention. How can law enforcement find a balance between stopping criminals and preserving legitimate Tor users’ privacy? [Rolling Stone]
  • Amazon’s warehouses are tough, demanding places to work, and for temporary employees, they offer opportunities but not much security. [Huffington Post]
  • Bullying is nothing new, but it works a little differently in the digital age. It’s starting to affect more adults, and online, it can be harder to just walk away. [The New Yorker]

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How about the government goes and fucks itself? People voluntarily transaction with other willing parties to buy and sell goods and services can’t be tolerated, eh? We’re obviously talking about the war on drugs here, of which a vast majority of the US abhors more and more.

Online bullying? Grow up or fuck off. If you can’t handle freedom of expression, then don’t tread where you can’t walk. You are voluntarily going to a place and seeking this shit out at some point, so learn and move on, or grow up and learn to deal with trolls. This is all not to say that others are justified in being bullying dipshits, but you aren’t magically going to stop people from being assholes with laws or regulation. Get over it.

Amazon is a shitty company to work for it seems. I don’t imagine many people don’t know this now. How about just don’t work for them anymore? I know that’s a crazy idea, but it might just fix your problem with them. Oh, but wait, you’re going to want to get government involved somehow and make Amazon into the type of corporate culture YOU think they should be. YOU know best, right?