This Is the Coolest Way to Take a Self Portrait I've Ever Seen

So you're with your pals, and you want an Adorable Group Shot™. No problem! Just have the ugliest friend take it. Or awkwardly point it towards yourselves, arm extended. Or hurl it into the air with a fisheye lens.

This daring method, pioneered by wedding photog Mike Larson, requires a few things you might not have: courage, a DSLR, and the ability to throw and catch well. We don't recommend doing this regularly, as the probability of you eventually shattering your camera and possibly giving someone a concussion is high, but it could make for a good occasional novelty shot if you think you're up for it.


I think if I tried doing this, it'd go veering violently off to the side. But maybe the stunt would earn me more friends? Friends I'd ironically not be able to photograph myself with. [PetaPixel]

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