This Is The Game That The RIAA And The MPAA Want to Play With You

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This game doesn't look like a lot of fun, does it? Unless you are an MPAA and RIAA executive, that is. They love all that handcuff roleplaying. [Based on the classic Black Monopoly board]


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It's ranting time!

Y'know, it's one thing to go on about the RIAA and MPAA and all the other copyright organizations, but has anyone ever thought about the not-so-wealthy working musicians and artists out there? I am against SOPA, as it's a poorly written, over-reaching piece of crap. Let's make that completely clear now. As an artist, however, who relied on royalties to pay the bills, I get really pissed off with the idea that stealing someone's work can be equated to freedom of expression.

I don't walk into Burger King, slap you and take a cheeseburger, do I?

Why the hell did I keep on working my ass off for all those years only to discover later on that my work should be free? Thousands of hours of practice and rehearsal. Thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on equipment. Failed relationships, relentless travel, bad food...all the crap that comes with being a working musician and what I hear is that I should give it away.

Just be sure, before you take an extreme viewpoint regarding copyright, that you realize who else you're hurting besides the giant faceless entities. Also realize that these entities are who writes the "paycheck" for chumps like me. Yes the system is fucked up and both sides (SOPA and RIAA) are wrong in some regard. There must be a reasonable middle ground, just like we had before the interweb appeared and fucked everything up.