This Is the Most Accurate Baby Yoda Replica You Can Buy

“I would like to buy the baby.”
I would like to buy the baby.”
Photo: Sideshow Collectibles

So far, 2020 hasn’t exactly gotten off to a great start, what with a terrifying virus quickly spreading across the planet. It’s not all doomsday news, however, this year also promises to bring us mountains of Baby Yoda merchandise, and Sideshow Collectibles is leading the charge with this life-size and staggeringly detailed replica of The Child from The Mandalorian.


Companies like Hasbro and Funko have already announced their forthcoming Baby Yoda merchandise, but for the most part, they look like kids’ toys, creepy replicas from another dimension, or caricatures of the character that single-handedly made the Disney+ streaming service worth subscribing to.

What Sideshow Collectibles has instead revealed is a 16.5-inch tall life-size replica that looks exactly like the animatronic puppet used to film The Mandalorian because the company actually worked with Legacy Effects, the special effects shop who built the Baby Yoda puppet, to ensure this collectible is identical.

If you look at this replica and don’t immediately have the urge to pick it up and cuddle it, either your heart is made from pure Beskar, or you coughed up $350 to actually add this to your collection. 

Yep, it surely comes as no surprise that Sideshow Collectibles’ Baby Yoda doesn’t come cheap, even given the fact it includes no articulation at all. It does, however, come with a display stand, and a tiny shifter knob replica The Child is clutching in its right hand. You can pre-order it now on Sideshow’s website, but tragically you’ll have to wait at least another six more months for it to arrive, as delivery is expected sometime between August and October later this year. So there’s a good chance you’ll be enjoying season two of The Mandalorian before Baby Yoda joins your family.


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Jill Pantozzi

Yup. This is the one I’m buying.