This Is the Most Terrifying, Disturbing Movie You Will See Today

My favorite actor died today, which makes me truly sad. He's Spanish, so you probably don't know him, even while he got an Emmy in 1972 for this short: The Telephone Box, a frightening tale with a shocking ending.


The short is in Spanish, but it's made like a silent movie—there's almost no dialog, and it is irrelevant to the action. It is divided in four parts, so make sure to watch them all in order. Here are the rest:

His name is José Luis López Vázquez. And even while he looks like the most common of the Spaniards, his talent and method knew no boundaries. I have it up there with Stewart, Newman, Brando, Lemmon, Guinness, Olivier, Mastroianni and the rest of greatest ever. Maybe it is because I'm too much of a movie freak, maybe it's because he's an important part of my life—and of the life of many generations of Spaniards—but when I learnt that he died today, I instantly got teary. Still are, as I write these lines.


The Telephone Box—La Cabina—was directed by Antonio Mercero, and it is one of his best jobs. A tale of a man who gets trapped in a telephone booth—nothing to do with the charming, decaying pay phones on 3rd Avenue—and can't go out it. People try to help him, people ignore him, people laugh at him, people convert him into a joke, a zoo animal... until something unexpected happens.

If you have 30 minutes free today, watch it. And make whatever you want out of it. A sharp criticism against modernism, the cold nature of society, the horrors of technology, the isolation of humans, the cruelty of people... or just an horror film that will surprise you at the end.



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