This Is the Objectively Worst Booth at CES

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Congratulations, Barho Ventilation Facilities Co., Ltd. Your display at CES 2011—and by display I mean three fans lying on the floor—is so bad that the person you hired to represent you abandoned it.


I came across this appallingly bleak scene in the dreaded back end of the South Hall of CES, populated mostly by seedy manufacturers of cheap cables and switches and other miscellaneous crap that will probably be responsible for an electrical fire sometime this year. I guess this company sells fans? Or maybe they're selling the chair? At any rate, they're excelling at pushing one product in particular: horrible depression.


Even more funny is the company's "About Us":

FOSHAN SHUNDE BARHO VENTILATION FACILITIES CO.,LTD.was founded in 1993 and mainly enaged in the research and manufacture of ventilation equipments,which are widely used for household and industry.

Our copmany has already prossessed of varies advanced equipments for production and inspection as well as modern factories with 40.000 square meters.Our company has capacity to produce nearly 1000 specifications of fans,Including industrial ventilating fans and household fans.All of our products have held the CCC certificate.

Our factory is in ShunDe not far from GuangZhou.We are the professional manufouture of ventialting fans,Electric fans,Industrial standing fans,and wall fans.We produce ventilating fans for more than 10 years,we made the motors ourselves.We have plastic workshop,Motor workshop,Metal pushing workshop,Assembing lines and packing lines.We have whole professional equipments such as:motor inspect line and motor open circuit inspection instrument.So that we can make sure the quanlity and the best price for you.

I don't know about anyone else, but I always look for quanlity in my fans.