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This Is the United States of America According to Craigslist

Illustration for article titled This Is the United States of America According to Craigslist

You know what I love about Craigslist? Well, other than the fact that I've scored cheap electronics, furniture and free stuff. And also other than how simple its layout is and how hilarious some of the stories on it are. And also the previous grey areas of the site. And also the random gigs I've landed during college. So other than all that amazing stuff, I love how I never have to input my location. Craigslist just figures it out for me! This is the map they use to do it.


It's simple, if you log into Craigslist with a certain geocoded IP, you're directed to that local portal of Craigslist that falls into your region. Basically, this is how Craigslist divides its regions in America. Or alternatively, this is the United States of Craigslist. Check out the full map at IDV User Experience. [IDV User Experience via Apartment Therapy]

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More craigslist articles please...I estimate that I've made about $40,000 flipping things on craigslist - mostly electronics, but including everything from a suit of armor to Swarovski crystals. And we've paid taxes on all of it, which hurts! Also we have traded 15 scooters, 10 cars, and virtually everything in our home (which I found on craigslist) was purchased on CL. Our mattress is even from CL, which is a little wierd...