What 10,000 Calories Look Like

If you struggle to visualize what hundreds or thousands of calories looks like in the cold, hard light of day, then that firstly explains why your pants no longer fit, but also means you've missed one of the many explainers that have drifted across the internet in the past. So here's another!


Above is a look at what 2,000 calories looks like. But why stop there? Below, a look at what 10,000 calories looks like. Or 20,000, if you watch through again. Either way, maybe don't take that eighth slice of pizza. [Business Insider]

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if you're under 6', it's not likely you need 2000 calories even. i need 1700-1800 daily. women who tend to be short need far less.

also this is half the reason why they say weight loss is mostly about diet and not that much about exercise. the other half is to show what kind of activity is needed to burn off 2,000 or even 200 calories. unless you have free time to run for hours, you're not going to be able work off what you overeat.

the reason why they keep talking up exercise is because it's another thing for you to spend your money on to consume... sneakers, gym memberships, bikes....

they want you to consume more food (money) and then consume more products and services to work it off (money).

when the solution is simply consume LESS in the first fucking place.

and they NEVER tell you THAT. every medical type show talks about consuming something ELSE... when the right advice is just shut your fucking pie hole.

alas, that's tough for some... but goddammit... the money grubbing industries out there sure don't help.