What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

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The answer to the question of how much can you eat of different foods before you hit 200 calories varies, depending what you're consuming. Two hundred calories is a whole lot of apples, but less than half of a Big Mac. It's a plate full of broccoli, but more like a spoonful of peanut butter. But it's a lot easier to understand what that really means when you actually see the food in front of you in this video from ASAP Science.


We've seen some of this portion-sized info before, thanks to a WiseGeek project. But ASAP Science adds a little more context, like what is a calorie anyway? Or what is it that makes some foods more calorie-rich than others? And is it sometimes better to eat food that's higher in calories but have more nutritional value? The answer to that last one is yes, by the way. And while you might know some of this information, it's always a good reminder to think about the things you're putting in your body—and what portions you should be shooting for. [ASAP Science]