This Is What a Monstrous 18-Foot Long Millennium Falcon Toy Looks Like

A few days ago it was revealed that Hot Toys was building a sixth-scale toy version of the Millennium Falcon that would match the size of the company’s incredibly detailed 12-inch figures. And today we already have our first peek at the monstrous creation on display at the Ani-Com and Games convention in Hong Kong.

These first images come courtesy of Shift into Den-O on Twitter, and from a contributor to the Toyark forums. They reveal that, yes, you will probably either need to dedicate an entire floor of your home to this version of the Millennium Falcon, or re-purpose your garage as a giant display case.


Either way, if Hot Toys actually decides to make and sell this Falcon model—presumably as a custom order—it will most likely be asking a small fortune from collectors. And make no mistakes, the company will probably still sell quite a few of them. [Twitter - Shift into Den-O via Toyark]


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