This Is What Astronauts Will Eat For Thanksgiving

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Irradiated smoked turkey? Check. Thermo-stabilized candied yams? Present. Freeze-dried cornbread dressing? Of course! This is what the American astronauts aboard the ISS will be feasting on today.

Every year, U.S. astronauts aboard the ISS sit down to a special Thanksgiving meal. But, as International Space Station Food System Manager Vickie Kloeris explains in the video below, the astronauts don't get a special meal delivered to them—instead, they have to piece one together from the supplies that are already aboard the space station.


So, much like last year—when the picture above was taken—and the year before that, the menu will be predictably familiar. And yet it looks so appetizing. Right? [NASA]

Image by NASA

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What is that thing on the guy's forehead? Some kind of futuristic phylactery?

(Actually, that would be kinda cool. Instead of a box and a scroll, it would be a button with a Flash memory device encoded with scripture)