This Is What Happens When You Ask the Internet What You Should Draw

The Internet is a weird and wonderful place, but what happens when you turn to it for inspiration? Ben Redford found out when he sought suggestions to create a new artwork—drawing only what people told him to.

Put together as a Kickstarter, Internetopia is a bizarre but rather pretty artwork where the canvas was filled as auctioned-off chunks (click 'expand' on the image above to embiggen). Every dollar stumped up bought a 1.5 by 1,5-inch area on the canvas, and the right to ask for the content that should fill it. In total, Redford was pledged 3012 panels, creating a 2 by 1.5 meter canvas.


It took three months to finish, and the results are impressive. There's almost too much to take in, but you'll find street scenes, Futurama-style heads, kittens, moomins, memes—and surprisingly little porn. You can see the thing in full on Internetopia—or even buy a print. [Internetopia via Wired via Engadget]

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