This Is What Thinking Nothing Looks Like

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If you've ever wondered what thinking about nothing looks like, here it is. It's the result of an experiment by artist Gustav Metzger, who hooked himself up to a robotic carving machine—while thinking long and hard about absolutely nothing.


The machine takes EEG signals—essentially the electrical signals from the brain, measured through the scalp—and then uses them to dictate the patterns it cuts into a piece of Portland Stone. The result's rather beautiful, and itself looks like some kind of abstract artwork depicting a human brain. The sculpture is on display at the Work Gallery in London until February. [Design Week]

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How do you think about nothing? I have tried all kinds of meditation, yoga or flat out boredom to try and give my mind a rest, but it never works; there are always things up there buzzing around. Maybe its because he is an artist and they think differently than we regular folks, but whatever it is, I envy his ability to do it, though the sculpture isn't really doing much for me.