This is what Voltron looked like in 1905

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Here's a man sitting on a throne made of thirteen lions. Okay, so it looks like there's a wooden platform as well. But you wouldn't be so churlish to deny that at least five of those lions constitute an arm rest, would you?

Sure, this photo may not have the visceral thrills of a bear pummeling some poor schmo into paste, but there's an awe-inspiring casualness about this picture. As in, "Don't mind us, this how we always spend Saturday afternoon in the salon, meditating on Proust and enjoying an air bath."


This animal trainer appears to belong to the Hagenbach-Wallace Circus, which in 1918 would sadly be the victim of one of the worst railway disasters in American history.


It's unknown if these lions were part of this crash, but at least we have this photo to remind us that our grandparents lived in an era when it was no big deal to command big cats to form davenports.


BONUS: Lion chair in 3D.

[Via Retronaut]