This Is Why the iPhone's Screen Will Always Be 3.5 Inches

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Why does the iPhone have a 3.5-inch screen? Why do larger smartphones feel awkward on your hand? Dustin Curtis has an answer, and I think it is spot on:

Touching the upper right corner of the screen on the Galaxy S II using one hand, with its 4.27-inch screen, while you're walking down the street looking at Google Maps, is extremely difficult and frustrating. I pulled out my iPhone 4 to do a quick test, and it turns out that when you hold the iPhone in your left hand and articulate your thumb, you can reach almost exactly to the other side of the screen.

His graphic shows this clearly. It makes total sense. And that is exactly why we would never see any larger screen iPhone. That 3.5-inch screen will be the ideal size until all humans are 7-feet tall and have hands the size of frying pans. [dcurtis]

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On the image, the arc size on the iPhone is quite a lot larger than on the Galaxy S II image.

Took myself the liberty to copy the image, cut out and change the color of the Galaxy S II-arc and put it over the iPhone arc. As you can see there is a clear difference in size.

(If you don't belive me, do the same thing and you'll see)

Explain that.

I know, I know you all love Apple like they're some sort of happiness factory,

but seriously, come on.

(in case the the image won't come: [] )