This Is Why We Need Astronauts

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When I was at the Kennedy Space Center two weeks ago, I asked one of the Mars Rovers' software engineers if she was sad about the—temporary—end of the US manned space program. Her answer: "Very sad."


But I'm not going to repeat again what Neil Armstrong and 26 other NASA legends already said. And I'm not going to rehash why we need to reach the stars physically, not only virtually. Or describe why Carl Sagan said in The Pale Blue Dot that our destiny is to become wanderers of the cosmos.

I think the image above is a perfect summary of it all. [Original image by Stuart AtkinsonThanks David!]



Space exploration during an economic crisis just doesn't make sense. Obama is very smart in canceling whatever stupid plan Bush had to go back to the moon or to explore mars because there are much bigger problems to deal with. Instead we now have more stimulus money to invest in green technology which Obama is pushing for.. which will eventually save our planet.

Exploring space right now is just not responsible leadership. It's like if someone living in poverty decided to spend money that could feed their family on an exploratory trip to the Arctic. Sure you could discover something amazing.. but you could have fed your family instead.