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This Isn't an Outpost on Another Planet, It's the South Pole

Illustration for article titled This Isnt an Outpost on Another Planet, Its the South Pole

Does it get cooler than this? A telescope, called BICEP, collecting data on BLACK BATTER, located on the SOUTH POLE. I think that it does not. It's hard to believe something this incredible looking is found on earth.


Those red lights you see are actually meant to improve visibility within the telescope, blocking out ambient light pollution (as much as there is on the South Pole) while still allowing the station's crew to navigate. Oh, and that gorgeous ribbon of color in the background? The Milky Way. Stick a good wireless connection in there, and I think this might be the perfect place to get away for a while and write. [National Science Foundation]

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Black batter? Do you mean dark matter?