This Jedi Holocron Quiz Toy Knows More About Star Wars Than You Do

In the Star Wars universe the Holocrons are kind of like a Jedi's version of a flash drive, storing vast amounts of knowledge and data. And in the case of Uncle Milton's new Jedi Holocron toy, all of that knowledge happens to be about Star Wars itself, and by asking just 20 yes or no questions it can guess any person, place, or thing.

Available sometime this fall, the Jedi Holocron is actually a re-branded version of the popular 20 Questions-playing 20Q toy. But instead of celebrities or landmarks, it only knows about characters and locations from the six Star Wars movies and the various TV series.


The Holocron is also able to learn, and the more you play with it the smarter it will get. So if you manage to stump it once, you probably won't be able to the second time around. And ahead of the toy's release Star Wars fans can even visit, play against the AI on that site, and help build up the Holocron's knowledge-base so it ends up being the ultimate geek in a cube. [Uncle Milton]

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