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This Lego Paper Airplane Factory Is Wonderfully Over-Complicated

We’ve covered Arthur Sacek’s brilliant Lego creations before, but none have been as wonderfully complicated as this machine that turns a single piece of paper into a folded airplane. The contraption even launches the plane at the end of the assembly line, sending it off on its maiden test flight.

Sacek was hired by Elevation Digital Media in collaboration with Arrow Electronics to design and build this autonomous paper airplane factory, which is controlled by multiple Lego Mindstorms intelligent bricks, and quite a bit of custom code. It’s not the first Lego paper airplane machine we’ve seen, but Sacek’s design looks far more streamlined and reliable.

Arrow Electronics has also posted a behind-the-scenes video showing how parts of the paper airplane folding machine were designed and assembled. But it’s unfortunately not a thorough step-by-step guide, so you can forget about trying to follow along in order to build one for yourself.


[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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Easily the best thing I’ve seen today. Pretty damn clever.