As far as long-range surface-to-air missile launchers go, the 2K11 Krug is pretty badass. This Lego 1:28 scale model krug is an incredibly well-detailed homage to Cold War military engineering. Initially designed in the late 1950s, the SA-4 Ganef/2K11 Krug went into service in 1964 and served as an iconic symbol of military innovation behind the Iron Curtain.

This build comes complete with rolling chassis, removable missiles, and a launcher that rotates 360º and raises 80º. You can also engage and disengage the travel lock, and the secondary braces fold flat. There’s even a driver’s hatch, along with left and right side hatches. Sure, it's not a 23ft long aircraft carrier, and this wasn't built by a 14-year old Lego wunderkind, but god I'd love it if Lego came out with a Machines of War series.* [Flickr]

Front side with a close-up view of the Travel-Lock construction. Note the secondary braces in the background.


The actual Krug weighs about 28,000kg and is over 7 meters in length, with a 3-5 man crew.


This is the real thing:


And here it is in action:

* These MOC builds will have to do because Lego is pretty clear about their product standards regarding war machines.