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It goes without saying that the most wealthy, famous, and powerful people in the world travel in style. But expensive cars and private planes decked out with luxurious leather interiors surprisingly can't hold a candle to this gorgeous interior designed by Giopato & Coombes which you'll find in a—cottage? Nope. Try a private helicopter.

AugustaWestland had reached out to the studio to come up with a radical way to redesign the passenger compartment of the company's AW169 helicopter. And after mocking up a life-size model of the craft's interior, they came up with this design that looks like something you might find in an Ikea catalog.


What's most impressive is that it's not just stylish furniture tossed into the space. Everything is still safe and functional, with equally stylish safety belts, and even LED-infused wall panels featuring noise reducing nano-materials. It's as practical as it is beautiful, and seeing the possibility of what air travel could be will certainly make flying business class even more depressing. [Giopato & Coombes via designboom]

Photo courtesy designboom

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