This Low-Budget Time-Travel Thriller Looks Like Just The Right Amount of Goofy Fun

Here’s an exclusive clip from Paradox, a brand new time-travel movie where someone who’s about to travel through time is told that if anything goes wrong, “You will literally disappear up your own ass.” That is the exact attitude that messing with the fourth dimension calls for.


We’re seeing a tiny trend of low-budget time-travel films lately, and this pleases us immensely. Especially if any of them can live up to the legacy of Primer, Looper, or Safety Not Guaranteed. You don’t need a lot of money to do time-travel—just enough for some “bubble made of lightning” effects and one set that looks like a basement full of random gear. And then some splitscreen effects, so actors can meet themselves, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Paradox, starring Malik Yoba (Alphas) and Zoe Bell (The Hateful Eight), is about a guy who goes one hour into the future—only to discover that an hour from now, everybody is going to be dead. Oops. It comes out in theaters April 15, and hits VOD and iTunes on April 19.

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Why, WHY does everyone keep calling “Safety Not Guaranteed” a time travel movie? You can love the movie, you can hate it, you can “meh” it... But, ffs, it´s not a time travel movie.