This Luke Skywalker Wants To Be A Pricey Toy, Like His Father Before Him

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Now that Hot Toys are done turning as many Avengers as they can into gloriously pretty (and expensive) action figures, it’s time for them to return to Star Wars and do pretty much the same thing — and they’re back with a pretty great recreation of everyone’s favourite farmboy.

Based on Luke’s appearance in A New Hope, the 1:6 scale figure is an honestly damn fantastic capturing of a young Mark Hamill’s likeness. Seriously, look at that face:


You can say this about almost every Hot Toys likeness, but damn. That’s uncanny, that is. You almost half-expect to start hearing him whine about the academy and going to Tosche station.

But this figure doesn’t just come with the uncanny likeness of Mark Hamill, but unlike some of their more recent figures, Luke comes with a veritable buttload of accessories. Aside from the clothes on his back, Luke has a poncho, macrobinoculars, sun hat and a rifle to recreate him hanging out on Tatooine — but he also has his Lightsaber, Training droid and blast helmet for when you want your farmboy action figure to step up to the plate and be an earnest little Jedi in training/aspiring rebel:


If you order from Hot Toys (or Sideshow in the US) he even comes with a Stormtrooper blaster and belt. Seriously, so many accessories! A pleasant change from some of the more lightly-accessorised figures shown as of late.


Luke is due for release in the middle of next year — you’ll be able to preorder young Skywalker on Sideshow Collectibles soonish, and you can expect the usual price of around $230 to apply to him too.

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