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This Machine Lets Anyone Draw In Perfect Perspective

Perhaps it's because I love to draw, but I find this weird mechanical contraption absolutely fascinating. It allows anyone to draw in perfect perspective, matching the field of human vision.


Invented by artists Ryan and Trevor Oakes, Vision uses a technique "which splits the ocular system allowing them to create views that match the field of view of human vision." The result is an easy way to draw a scene with total accuracy, in which every point in the paper is at the same distance from the artist.

For anyone screaming "trickster!" well, yes, it's a trick—a very clever one. Old masters also used different machines, like the camera obscura, to capture scenes in a really accurate way. [OakesOakes via This Is Colossal]


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Huh. Met these guys on the streets of Chicago a year or two ago. They're a friend's cousins. At that point, they had a large installation of this style next to the Cloudgate or whatever the Jelly Bean is actually called (the piece is actually on their homepage). Nice guys. My friend was trying to explain their apparatus for drawing these things; it's nice to be able to actually see it.

My buddy said they were doing well in the art world (at that point they were art students, not sure anymore), and it appears he was correct.