This Man Counted to 100,000 in 77 Hours for Your Viewing Pleasure

This is Jon. He recently recorded himself counting to 100,00, one deliberately paced integer at a time. Join him won't you? At least for a little? You don't often get to stare so directly into the face of madness.


As the eagle-eyed among you have already observed, the video above is a mere 74:29:08 long. Don't worry, you're not being short-changed! It's just that Jon couldn't fit every number into one file, so he had to upload the remainder separately here.

Does he actually count all the way, or does he somewhere around the 54 hour mark take a moment to throw in a letter or blather some incomprehensible prophesies or something? I don't know! But I could tell you in about six and a half days. [Reddit via The Daily What]


This reminds me of a Guinness world record (as shown in the GWR books in 1979-1981 somewhere. I forget which year.) where a woman typed the numbers one to one million using a typewriter. The picture was of her sitting at her typewriter with a stack of paper about 5-6 reams high on her desk.