This Massive Batman Figure Looks Absolutely Amazing

Now that Batman: Arkham Knight, the latest Batman game from Rocksteady, is nearly here, everyone is showing off their gaming-inspired merchandise. Leading the charge is this fantastic 1/4 scale Batman from NECA, who looks immensely detailed, right down to his delicately sculpted Bat-butt. Wait, what?

Coming in at 18” tall, the Arkham Knight Batman is fully articulated and comes with a few accessories befitting the Dark Knight’s cavalcade of wonderful toys. The usual interchangeable hands to hold them all are included, on top of Batman’s grappling hook gun with a separate hook attachment, and a foldable batarang ready to chuck at your foes. It might not seem like much, but the Arkham incarnation of Batman has always been about punching the living daylights out of bad guys, so I guess all he really needs is some fists.


Good job he has some!

As you’d expect with a figure of this size and scale, the detailing is lavish. It might not be Hot Toys level insane, but it doesn’t need to be — and it does a great job of capturing every little armoured nook and cranny in Batman’s get up... right down to, weirdly enough, his butt, wonderfully highlighted in this promo picture that is ostensibly meant to be showing us that Bats can hold his accessories on the back of his belt:

But look at what’s front and centre: Bruce Wayne’s buttcheeks. Look at the detail! The precisision! This is a butt to be proud of. Maybe this plastic Bruce shouldn’t go around in a cape, hiding it. Distract his foes with a menacing jiggle of the Bat booty!

Eyes up here though, Batman is still ready to go toe-to-toe:


NECA’s newest Batman figure is due for release next month, for around $125.


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