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This Massive Rube Goldberg Machine Uses the Internet to Visit Five Different Cities

Thanks to the internet and being able to easily share videos of them playing out, those pointlessly complicated Rube Goldberg machines are more popular than ever. But this wonderful kinetic sculpture actually uses the internet as one of its countless mechanisms so that it’s able to play out across five different cities across the United States.


Called Common Ground, the cross-country Rube Goldberg machine was spearheaded by Jason Naumoff and Ajamu White of New Creatures design studio, and it uses clever tricks like sending text messages, or triggering remote printers, to keep the action going uninterrupted from one city to the next.

[Common Ground via Neatorama]

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I think the boy “catching the ball” at 1:30 mark broke the machine. Wonder whythey didn’t come up with a more related solution. Also, it was so heavily edited, I can’t help but wonder what went wrong.

I also do not understand the political agenda in this one, but that’s definitely one way to get your message out.