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This May Be the Best, Most Unique Piece of Die Hard Memorabilia Ever

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s Christmas, a time of year people talk about Die Hard even more than every other time of the year. Which is fine by us, because it’s great, but one fan is celebrating this holiday season (and Die Hard) better than anyone else.

Georgia resident Robert Davis spent much of 2016 working with a metal shop to design a stunning, one-of-a-kind frame for a similarly stunning, one-of-a-kind poster for Die Hard. Check it.


Okay, when you finish drooling, here’s the deal. That poster is by Laurent Durieux and was released in 2013 as a part of an event called the Mondo Mystery Movie. It was a screening of Die Hard, in Los Angeles, with fake glass on the ground, tours of Nakatomi Towers (which is actually the Fox Plaza) and, ultimately, this poster. However, while most people got the poster on paper, a few got them on metal and ONE was printed on glass. A lucky fan won it at random, put it on eBay, and years later, Davis bought it.

But he wasn’t happy simply owning this incredible piece of memorabilia. He went a step further. He had an idea for a unique frame. One that would be striking and also make the print seem like a treasure. A treasure that Hans Gruber and his crew would break into the Nakatomi building to steal behind a big metal safe. He did some research and stumbled upon Yzzo Studios in Oakland, CA. Working with the head of the company, Wes Skinner, Davis made his dream frame. A metal safe, much like the one Gruber’s group breaks into, that could light up, giving the poster all different looks.


The frame is stainless steel, the handle actually spins, the lights behind can set the tone for any occasion and, as you’d expect, Davis is super proud of it. “Hopefully movie print nerds of the world will be as pleased to hear that the print is in good hands and honored with a badass frame that is a work of art in itself,” he said.


For a ton of additional process photos, visit this link. And here’s a time-lapse video.