This Mini Jet Engine Is Just One Of The Most Incredible 3D-Printed Items

It’s amazing what you can do with 3D printers nowadays. This relatively new technology has already proved to be incredibly versatile, and has allowed anybody to become a manufacturer. Just see for yourself, with these videos of some of the most amazing 3D-printed items in the world.


PiKon, a telescope that can be printed for about £100 ($157). It was created by researchers at the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

Prosthetic limbs for a human — or even for a pet

Guns, created by Cody Wilson, a University of Texas Law student

Guitars, made by New Zealand-based ODD Guitars

A backpack-sized jet engine, printed by engineers at GE Aviation with a new technique which is melting metal powder layers, and took it to 33,000 RPM

A castle, made of 10-mm high and 30-mm wide concrete by Andrey Rudenko in Shorewood, Minnesota

Padlock, with a key

Houses built by a Shanghai, China-based company

An electric car named Strati, composed of 49 parts (an average car has hundred times more) printed in 44 hours by the Arizona-based Local Motors.

Concept lamps


Andy Pucko

Advanced prosthetics & tiny motors are a hell of a lot better use of this tech than to print guns for drooling yobs....