This Miyazaki-Designed Monster Is Now A Fantastic Action Figure

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A few years ago, a crack team of Japanese animators who had worked on the likes of Studio Ghibli films and Neon Genesis Evangelion created A Giant God Warrior Descends On Tokyo, a short that just happens to technically be the first live-action Ghibli film. And now, the eponymous God Warrior is an amazing Figma figure!


The God Monster was actually designed by Hayao Miyazaki himself for the short, an homage to the Tokusatsu genre for Tokyo's Museum of Contemporary Art - and as good as it looked in the short, it's pretty damn great as an action figure.


The 6" figure was originally sold in a limited capacity at the Museum, but is now available for a wider release at GoodSmile for 3,600 Yen (roughly $30). Not bad for a beautifully creepy bit of Miyazaki goodness!

[via The Fwoosh]

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