120 years ago this month, George Ferris debuted his Ferris Wheel at Chicago's 1893 World's Fair. It was the centerpiece of the exhibition. So, it's quite fitting that this intricately-detailed MOC Lego build will be showcased next weekend at Brickworld in Chicago. RedCoKid is the creator behind this beautiful Ferris Wheel, which comes complete with motorized Power Functions (the wheel rotates once per minute).

The amount of detail is quite impressive and intricate, and what's even more amazing is the short amount of time it took to build, just 20 hours! With 8,700 pieces, this creation measures at 20 x 20 x 30". There's even a Lego Digital Designer (LDD) .lxf Building Instructions file available for download here. If George Ferris hadn't died of typhoid in 1896 and was alive today, I'm sure he'd marvel at this creation...he'd also be like 154 years old, so we'd probably be studying him for science or something. [EuroBricks]