This New Godzilla Trailer Just Made The Movie Infinitely More Awesome

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And it was already pretty awesome. Look, I'm sorry for how effusive I'm being, but if you're any kind of Godzilla watch this new international trailer and tell me Godzilla doesn't immediately jump to the top of your must-watch list.


Update: It seems I may have jumped the gun and it may not be Mothra (although I'm not the only one to do so) but simply Muto, the other monster confirmed to be in the movie. I really, really want to believe it's Mothra, and I still think he looks like a moth but I recognize I may be hoping in vain. Still: This movie looks awesome.


Original article: MOTHRA. FUCKING MOTHRA IS IN THIS MOVIE. Is he friend? Is he foe? Will those two creepy Japanese twins who sang to Mothra all the time show up? And his realistic moth-like design is phenomenal. Whose going to show up in the sequels? Oh my god. Am I going to get a gritty, realistic Jet Jaguar one day?


Okay, probably not. But still, this movie. Ennngggh. May 16th can't get here fast enough.


Infinite thanks to Ryan M. for the tip!