Hungarian etno-funk (or what) group called Kerekes Band published the music video above a few days ago. I do not want to comment on the music (mix of traditional Hungarian instruments and rather simple dance basics, just not my cup of tea), but the visual is fine enough and you should give it a chance (maybe just turn down the volume).

The "space-folk" video – titled: Cpt. Space Wolf – tributes the one and only hungarian cosmonaut, Bertalan Farkas, who was launched into space 33 years ago, on the 26th of may, 1980 as part of the Interkosmos (or Intercosmos) program.

Greenzero – the creator of the vid – used soviet stamps, postcards, posters from the 60s, 70s to create awesome vintage space scenes. The result is a well animated, dynamic and highly enjoyable piece.

via Lángoló Gitárok