Voltron turns 30 this year, and to celebrate Toynami are releasing this Jumbo-sized toy of the marvellous Robot - with a pretty eye-watering price tag.

The new Jumbo Lion Edition Voltron - based on Voltron's initial appearance from the show's first run, which itself was based on a heavily edited version of the 1981 anime Beast King GoLion - stands at 24 inches tall, in the style of the old 1970's Shogun Warriors toys, and even has spring-loaded fists that you can send flying at a mere button press:


Which is pretty neat! But before you get those wallets out, you might want to know that when this new Voltron ships next April, it'll cost you a whopping $250. That's a lot of money for your Super Robot! If you're still interested, you can preorder one from Entertainment Earth.

[Images via Toynami on Facebook]

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